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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Supah Sexy Scallops

Now, first things first. This recipe is not mine. I learnt it at Sydney Seafood School. So the recipe featured here is courtesy them. And you know what? If you don’t try this recipe, I think you are not foodie enough :), more so if you are a seafood lover. So then get set, bring home that barbeque, call your best pals, order in the best wine, throw a party, and show off your culinary skills.

Ready to toss some Scallops?

Red Curry Scallops with Mango Mint Salsa (serves 6)

150 ml Coconut cream
1 tablespoon Red Curry paste
3 tablespoons fresh Ginger, Grated
1 tablespoon Palm Sugar
6 Scallops on Half Shell
18 Scallops without Shell
Mango Mint Salsa

1 mango, finely diced

1 tablespoon Freshly Chopped Mint leaves

2 red Shallots, finely Chopped.

1 tablespoon Lime Juice

Heat a couple of tablespoons of the thickest coconut cream (from the top of the tin) in a small saucepan as shown below. Add red curry paste and ginger and coconut till fragrant.

Remove from heat and add palm Sugar, stir to dissolve. Place Mixture in a small bowl and add remaining coconut cream. Remove Scallops from shells, wash and dry shells. Combine Scallops and red curry mixture, mix well and stand for 1 hour.

Washed, de-veined and de-shelled Scallops

Washed Shells, that is used to serve the barbequed Scallops

Scallops in red curry marinade

Meanwhile, make the salsa: Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Set aside.

Now, after about 45 mins to an hour, take the marinated scallops and cook them on heated oiled char-griller for about 1 minute each side, till they become opaque. They cook super fast, so be careful not to over-cook it.

Place spoonful of salsa on the shells and top it with Scallops. Whoa! Its ready to give your guests a very pleasant shock!

Top Tips from KG:

1. I think this recipe as is can be used for shrimps too. This is just in case you don’t get Scallops.

2. This is generally served and complete with a grilled fish and bread.

3. If there is no wine, please don’t dine :). No, really, white wine goes fabulously with this!

4. For the Red Curry paste- either buy it ready made in any of the fancy supermarkets or write to me for the red curry paste recipe. :). Email: aparna dot das at gmail dot com

So long then! Bon Appétit!

Friday, 13 February 2009

Hearty Dosa

You, Him and a breakfast full of Love!!


Thursday, 5 February 2009

Corny Chaat :-)


Step 1: Roast sweetcorn on cob


Step 2: Set aside


Step 3: Shave the corn kernels as shown in the pic


Step 4: chop onions, coriander, green chilies, lemon wedges.


Step 5: Add salt, Red chilly powder (optional), Chaat Masala and squeeze the lemon into the mixture. Add the rest of the stuff, mix well.


Step 6: Dig in


Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm bliss!

Top Tips:

# Add boiled potatoes and tomatoes to make this a heavier, fuller snack.

# The roasted sweet corn on cob by itself is yummmmmy- spread butter over it and bite in, else, try it the usual way with lemon juice, chilli powder and salt.

#The chaat as mentioned above is excellent as a starter in parties, and sure to set a few tongues wagging about how J they are of your chef-giri.

(I owe this recipe to Corn Club, our most favourite hangout in Pune after college. And I can’t thank Poopsie enough who introduced us to this totally novel (then) place.)