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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

South Beach Diet, oh yeah baby! (Part One- Brekky)

The reason you don’t see any yummy activities around this space is because, I am on a diet. :D. It was long due, and its going as well as it promises in the book. I am on the South Beach Diet and I am loving it. Am almost about to finish Phase 1 of the diet which lasts for 2 weeks. Would like to share a few brekky pics here. Will have follow up posts also, but for now lets settle for eggs, which seem like the only brekky I like since I don’t have Ham and Chicken early in the morning churns my tummy. SBD is a low carb diet, not a NO carb one. And is extremely flexible and easy to follow. I’ve tried Atkin’s earlier too, but was very unhappy. I did lose weight but I had cravings all the time and I was so depressed and in an ugly mood most of the time :D. SBD is fun, safe and effective.

Since diets can get monotonous, I took extra care to make my food look good. That way it didn’t one bit feel I was on a ‘diet’.

Follow up posts will have snack ideas, main course and desserts for the South beach diet. I have lost 3 Kgs so far, and for my standards and metabolic rate, its awesome! And its an earnest request that you get on this diet only after having fully read Dr Agatson’s book on the diet.

south beach diet

Top left: Scrambled eggs with tomato and mushrooms in Tabasco and chilly sauce, topped with a tiny dollop of low fat cheese.

Top Right: Omlette topped with sautéed bell peppers and mushrooms. Garnished with olives and low fat fetta.

Bottom left: Simple and lovely sunny side up on a bed of steamed spinach and red bell pepper. Finished with a dash of Tabasco and chilly flakes.

Bottom Down: Boiled and sliced egg on a bed of steamed veggies and sautéed mushrooms in oregano.

(Carrots are part of the avoidable veggie list, but I have it some times in very little quantities).

Have a kickass Thursday!

3 foodie comments:

Unknown said...

Hey, all those pix are so feeling motivated to start this diet myself....pls keep posting more ideas soon!

Rupz said...

ooooh YUM. These brekkies look awesome !!

I am crazy about eggs... ur recipes are great ideas.

Tracer Bullet said...

KG, check out my photo blog...

thanks... :)