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Wednesday, 30 March 2011

India- Pak WC 2011 special

Another hour to kill before the match begins. I can't concentrate on a book, my daughter is engrossed with her books, husband's not back yet. I guess this is my only chance to do a quick come back post on the occasion of THE match.
Made Sanjeev Kapoor's Coconut Prawn Masala and Vegetable Kolhapuri for dinner- I wanted to make something very spicy and heady to keep with today's mood. And this recipe promises all that - very Goan and very masaledaar- just like what tonight's match will be. I don't know where my enthusiasm comes from, but I dug out my camera after ages to shoot these.

You'll find the recipe here . (I just added a whole lot of green chillies to make it really hot :-) . That's about  the only addition to the recipe. )

Here's hoping I make Rasamalai and Rasgullas to celebrate India's victory, tomorrow.