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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Stuff I ate and photographed over the months

Been a while I posted. Was cleaning my computer and found so many food pics!

Kangkong with garlic. 

Pumpkin, feta, spinach, chicken, olives, figs, pine nuts in spinach wrap. From Salad Stop!

Satay sticks at The leela, Goa

Strawberry Pannacotta at Bakerzinn, Singaproe

Sprouts, Pomogranate, onion, lemon salad. Lunch I had sometime..can't remember when!

Tomato and roasted bell pepper soup at TCC, Singapore

Date and almond cup cakes with caramel sauce. Made it last month.

A toast to friendship. Carrot soup made by Jaya when I was sick! With a dollop of yogurt, it was perfect!