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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The 7 day cooking challenge >> Take a bow, sweetheart!

The man offered to cook for 7 nights for us. Didn’t know if this was a trick offer or a genuine one. But gave him a chance nevertheless. I had nothing to lose. He decided to call it-  ‘I can cook too – 7 day cooking challenge’. LOL. That’s what I did. But, soon I had to gulp those LOLs down, for he indeed kept at it and made some of the most authentic dishes, effortlessly.

Though he did ask every 2 seconds- ah what are ‘cardamoms’ and ‘is this what a bay leaf looks like?’. But I won’t deduct points for that. I think he was just being sure and erm, inquisitive. :-)

I’m really ashamed that I ate up most of the dinners without taking pictures. Really sorry. But hey, you know what? I think its the perfect excuse for him to go on another challenge, when I’ll be ready with a charged camera!!

Sharing a few here with you all.


1. Spanish Paella : Brown rice, chicken stock, veggies, chic peas and tomatoes! Oooh la la!

Turned out just right!




The man in action!


2.Posto- Potatoes and cauliflower is a paste of poppy seeds!

A  Bengali delicacy and my favourite Bengali vegetarian dish!



3. Spicy Prawn Curry – Prawn, potatoes, tomatoes in a spicy gravy.

Best had with piping hot steamed rice.


spicy prawn


4. And now for the winner – Moroccan Chicken with fried rice!

moroccan chicken2

moroccon chicken1

(I want to kick myself for not clicking this picture with my camera. But We were getting late and had to eat the mutton like right then! So my iphone it was.)

5. Bengali style Mangsho – Mutton Curry with potatoes.

He really deserved a standing ovation for this one :D

For the recipe was rather tedious. But he managed just fine!

mutton picassa



So, what do you think? As for me, I’m going back to campaigning for more!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

My little girl makes ‘Fairy Bread’

So, she’s been behaving. Watching television when I want her to and turning it off accordingly. She comes back from school with ‘stickers’ on her hands for all the ‘help’ she has offered at school. And then, she’s been smothering me with kisses. Means just one thing. It’s time for a treat. So I asked her what she wanted and she said, she’d like to make “Fairy Bread’ . “It’s yummy mum, and I learnt how to make it in school”.


We set to make it today for breakfast. It was a bright sunny, happy morning. As instructed I laid whatever she wanted, on the table.

1. Bread cut into triangles.

2. Sprinkles (pink ones please, mumma)

3. Butter (I want it soft, mum)

4. Plates

5. Knife for the butter

6. M n M’s (to be had after breakfast as dessert, please, mumma?)


My 4 year old takes on from here!

So, mumma’s friends, this is how we make it. Look carefully, please.


1. First spread butter on the triangles. Like this.




2. Then sprinkle the pretty pink sprinkles ALL over the bread. Okay?

rentoys1 It can be messy. So wear an apron like I did.


3. Then look at it in amazement! And say ooooooooooooooo!


4. Take a bite. Enjoy!




Should I? Shouldn’t I?


Who cares!


I hope you enjoyed making Fairy Bread with me, Mumma’s friends!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

A Casserole and some images

Made a veggie bake and a Chicken Casserole over the last two weeks. Whatever else I made is not worth mentioning here.  I’ll just blame Sydney’s wet and dreary winter. Leaving you with a few images. The recipes are the usual nothing striking and different. Though for the casserole I used curry powder and sour cream. It was quite a hit!


chicken casserole1

chicken casserole2



steamed veggies


cheese sauce


I really hope I buck up and come back with more :)