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Sunday, 15 March 2009


It is my favourite dessert. I have been trying to make it for years now, but for want of the right ingredients in India. Sydney fulfilled my Tiramisu dream. But the funny thing about Tiramisu is the number of versions that really exist. Use sponge cake if you don’t get lady fingers, use Marsala wine or don’t, don’t use whipped cream, actually you can you know, it doesn’t matter really, so on and so forth.

So Via my mad mad friend MS Jaya Naomi Datt, and the many searches on the internet, KG set to make the first Tiramisu of her life.

Step one:

Break in 5 large eggs- separate the yolks from the whites. You’ll need the yellow. Take a large bowl and add 2/3 cups of brown castor sugar and the egg yolks. Beat it with an electric beater or a hand blender, till it reaches a nice thick consistency (or as Jaya puts in- like cake batter). Add 450 gms of Mascerpone cheese and fold in well till it blends in completely. Add marsala wine - 5 to 6 table spoons. This is optional. I did not use it.



  Step 2

Whip heavy cream, about 1/2 cup till they form soft peaks and add to the Mascerpone cheese, egg and sugar mixture set aside.



step 3:

Make 1 large cup of very strong esspresso coffee. Cool. Once cooled add 4-5 table spoons of coffee liqueur – Baileys Irish cream or Kahlua. Mix well. Set aside


Step 4: Take lady fingers and soak each one of them in the coffee-liqueur mixture and arrange on a square dish or individual dessert bowls. If you cannot find lady fingers then you cna use a firm sponge cake, which I did. But I highly recommend not to do this, to keep the authenticity of Tiramisu intact. note in the picture below, the cake it not soaked in the coffee mixture. Youc an first arrange them in a dish and use a spoon pour the mixture over the cake.


Step 5

Now make layers of the cake and the cheese mixture.


Step 5: cover it with aluminum foil, and refrigerate it over night. Just before serving the next day, dust cocoa powder over it evenly or use dark chocolate shavings! You Tiramisu is ready to melt in your mouth!



Ingredients in detail:

2/3 cups: Castor Sugar
4-5 large eggs
Coffee Liqueur- 4-5 tbsp
1 cup strong esspresso
500 gms- Mascerpone Cheese
Cocoa Powder for dusting or Dark chocolate shavings
Heavy whipping cream (optional)
Marsala Wine (optional)
Lady fingers/Sponge cake

(This serves 6-8 people)

Top Tips:

Try and stick to lady fingers
I think its best when set in individual dessert bowls, there is no hassle of serving.
Always, sit back and have a Tiramisu. Play some soft romantic number in the back ground, preferably.


4 foodie comments:

the pleasantone said...

wowie!!!!!!!!!!!!! your a top class chef now!!!! muaaaaaaaaaaah! totally pish posh...

phish phish said...

fata and the fatis!!! khabo khabo...!

mathatheist said...

looks great. had no idea you were such a cook. wow.

ZiLliOnBiG said...

wow, i remember trying one st starbucks at the dubai airport recently. me too a great fan.