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Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Great Indian River Fish.

fish rui My husband, a fish fanatic, had been in mourning ever since he set foot in Sydney. Well, he does gorge on sea fish, but his bong heart lingers about the Indian river fish – ‘Rohu’. ‘Katla’ ,‘Ilish’, ‘Tilapia’. Thanks to Scribbler’s sister, Sanjukta, who told my depressed husband, that we do get frozen Rohu-Katla-Ilish-Tilapia, in Paraamatta. And  what’s better was her mother endorsing the fish saying- ei khaankaar rou-katla, India theke onek bhalo- export quality to, tai bhishon bhalo! (Since they are export quality fish, they are seldom bad fish- in fact they are tastier than the ones we have in India).

So off we went, despite our flu to Paramatta over the weekend, accompanied by another bong shell, Ananya. Needless to say, I wasn’t all that excited- to me it was – oh! more fish, more cooking. And what was worse was- picking bones for my little Meeshu, who so easily had Bhasa fillet curry with rice. But I had to give in, for his sake. I cannot describe in words his ecstasy on seeing the fish. He got into this mindless banter with the shopkeeper about asking if the fish was indeed as tasty as described by Sanjukta’s mother. All the shopkeeper said was – mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (a real long drawn one), and nothing more, much to my husband’s chagrin.

Anyway, to be on the safer side we got home a 2 kg fish, of which Ananya took back a few pieces for her dinner. Ananya left for the day after spending the weekend over a lot of adda and food, only to call back late in the evening saying- Maach ta durdanto khete – (the fish is exceptional) , Maakhon er moton (its like butter- it simply melts in your mouth).

So now a decision has been made- to buy 4 kgs of fish, just so we don’t run out of it, through the week.

Anyway, this was a post celebrating the great Indian River Fish- Rohu Or Rui Maach.

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The Ketchup Girl said...

:) heh, thank you.

Swati said...

hey, where do you get the rohu fish here? I have been looking for t forever in sydney

The Ketchup Girl said...

@swati: hi swati, we pick up our fish from harris park, paramatta. There is a bangaldeshi shop there, where we get our fish from :).

prabhat singh said...

Hi, any idea they still sell fishes in harris park, paramatta??