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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Munni’s and my all time favourite, Ginger Chicken

 DSC_0013 I have always been a great lover of Indo-Chinese food. The fusion of Chinese flavours with Indian masala, always gives an exotic result. When in Hyderabad, a friend (Munni) and I frequented Nanking, and always ordered Ginger chicken, with fried rice. And it was such a treat! We both love spicy food, the hotter the better! Ginger Chicken is a classic example of Indo-Chinese cuisine – it takes the best of both worlds, and the result is a spicy, aromatic dish, that will melt your heart. I always wondered how it is made, and found the best method on my favourite website- Vahrevah dot com. And below is the video of this really sweet chef, who has made my life so wonderful with his most soulful recipes. His South Indian dishes are especially awesome.


Watch the video and make Ginger chicken for a special dinner. I made it today, to make my day special :-). It looks good, no? And trust me, it tastes as good.



He is a trifle funny, but his recipes are top class and very doable.  Enjoy!

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Simple- said...

wow...the chicken looks yummy.i was searching for a good recipe of chicken.will try it today.thanks for posting....laxmi