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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The Good Life

Sawwwrieeee!! Been meaning to write, but have been so busy with a million things around me. Wanted to share that this space will also have apart from food and food related pictures, travel related writings and recipes. Basically anything and everything that amounts to making ‘The Good Life’ . BTW, do you like the new header?

Today I will post a few pictures I took in Sydney Rocks Market, where I went rather berserk with the spread of Olive oils on display, homemade chocolates, wines and not to mention street food. But what caught my eye was the spices on display. They looked so vibrant ! Take a look!







Will be back with more.


2 foodie comments:

phish phish said...

love the header....and love the new blog concept :) cheers to good life!

Sampoorna said...

Nice blog you have here and lovely dishes.

I had good time going through your blog.

I'm "R" and I invite you to see my blog.