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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Post Cards from India, Part I

Got back from India a few weeks back. A lot of it is forgotten, but the things that remain with me are still the sights and scents of the country. Starting today, I will give you a peak through a few images, of all that still makes my heart run wild about India. This post will be about some of the exhibitions I went to. What a burst of colour and art they were! The pictures are from Shilparamam, the annual crafts mela that Hyderabad hosts, featuring hundreds of stalls from all over India and All India Tribal Exhibition, that was held at Hyderabad’s necklace road. Let me know certainly, if you liked what you saw here!


184 187


146  157 229









  262   265



Hope you enjoyed this! Stay tuned for more. :)

4 foodie comments:

the pleasantone said...

beautiful!!!! did you buy the silver pot! some kinda amazing!!!!

Journomuse said...

you need to add the silver jewellery you shot too...:)

The Ketchup Girl said...

@pleasantone: nope man. :(

@journomuse: :D, i'm saving them for my silver blog :). been there?

phish phish said...