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Monday, 12 January 2009

The quintessential bong meal

Last night, I got to think, how much we eat. Don’t you think this is way too much for one, very regular meal? But my  bong husband doesn’t feel that way. He thinks if I am embarking on a bong meal, it must be complete. Even the meal below is incomplete- there should have been aamer-chatney.


In the photo, and now in the many bulges of my body:

1. Gala Bhaat with rice (Over cooked rice with clarified butter)

2. Doi Maach – jhaal version (Fish in yoghurt)

3. Moong daal-er Dalma (pulses with vegetables)

4. Saag begun aar phoolkopi diye (Spinach with eggplant and cauliflower)

5. Alu-r Bora (Potato patties, pan roasted not deep fried)

6. Lebur Achaar (lemon Pickle)

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