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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

When Kolkata beckons

Have you ever visited Kolkata?

Have you ever stopped by the countless sweet shops to just stand and take in the invigorating aromas of Singara, Kochuri, freshly boiled Rasogullas  & Rasamalais being dumped into sugar syrup and condensed milk?

Have you ever stood by the corner near Globe and had Phuchkaas, while gulping down the over sized round looking bombs into your mouth while simultaneously cleaning your running nose with your forearm (or may be with tissues for the more discerning individuals)

Have you ever taken your girlfriend to Badshah and ordered on her behalf a double egg, double Mutton, roll?

Have you ever taken your wife to Regent and had fish fry like you did on your first date with her?

Have you ever had Alu Kabli near Girish Park or BBD Bag?

Have you ever packed a kilo of Langchas in an earthen pot to take it to your Jamai babu?

Have you ever bought Lichus and Jamrul for your children in summers?

Have you ever asked your wife to rest one Sunday morning, while you went to Sharma’s and got home a sumptuous breakfast of Radha Ballabi and Mishti Doi?

Have you ever stuffed your mouth after a meal with Kolkata Mitha Pan?

Have you ever gone to Tangra for the most authentic Chinese that you can possibly get in India?

Have you ever spent a hot sweaty afternoon in Aminia with Chicken Biriyani ?

Have you ever specially couriered Nalen Gurer Sandesh to your relatives?

Have you ever stopped by to ogle at the beautiful writer’s building, while sipping the most awesome cha from a cute little earthen cup?

Have you ever had multiple tummy upsets because you one too many of those Kabirajis, Moghlai Porotas and Jhalmuri?

Have you ever squeezed under a blue plastic sheet that barely covers a tea stall in pouring rain and had Begunis and Penyajis?

Have you ever taken your boss to The Coffee House instead of a Cafe Coffee day for some heady conversation over coffee and Marie biscuits?


For if you have, you are indeed blessed and you can now die in peace.

6 foodie comments:

phish phish said...

yes yes yes....and want to do all of that again and again before I die and go to heaven!

Kolkata beckons...yet again...

indranil said...

radha ballabi and mishti doi for breakfast ?? are u sure you got the combo right ? sharmas would be radha ballbi and their unique aloo tarkari... but misthi doi for breakfast is aboslutely a new concept for me - a hard boiled bong.... possibly kolkata is a- changing too....

sweets @ breakfast for a bong can could be bondey and knick knacks... but mishthi doi.... must try it... heard it for first time

The Ketchup Girl said...

But who is talking about bongs? I had misti doi for brekky, lunch and dinner. Sometimes with cha too.

Rupz said...

wow ! This post brought back many memories ! I misssss Kolkata....

Thanks for such a wonderful and nostalgic post ....

- Rupa (Sydney)

ZiLliOnBiG said...

sorry, this is the last post i am reading. i really cant stand this anymore. You make me terribly hungry. He he, nice blog...being a wild foodie myself, i am going to follow this blog.

FlotsaM said...

MAN! You have captured evrythin thing with this blog..awesome...