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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Spinach with ricotta, sweet corn and baby corn


(sorry, not the best possible picture!)

Palak Paneer can get very repetitive, while cooking special vegetarian stuff. So I tried making the same recipe with a twist.

In one of my first posts I had posted the Palak paneer recipe. Click here to follow the exact same instructions and instead of Paneer/cottage cheese, add Ricotta (1/2 cup), sweet corn (1 corn on cob shavings) and baby corn (6-8 chopped).

Ricotta has a smooth texture and it literally crumbles and blends into the spinach giving it a distinct taste. The only addition is- nutmeg powder. Sprinkle some while you sauté onions.

Serve with Rotis or Rice.

1 foodie comments:

Rupz said...

khub yummy lagche... and healthy too. I am a big fan of palak panner. But mine never turns out to be like the restaurant version. It's always a bit too homely and plain.